The Chins are one of the major ethnic groups originally from the military-controlled country of Burma in Southeast Asia. For decades, the Chin people have suffered unspeakable brutality at the hands of the military regime. As a predominantly Christian community, the Chin people are targeted for persecution by the regime due to their minority status.

Facing torture, persecution, and even death in Burma, thousands have been forced from their homes, leaving behind their family, friends, and community. Over 60,000 Chins live in deplorable conditions in India as Chin refugees and asylum seekers are forced to complete for scarce resources with the local poor. Discrimination prevents them from obtaining sustainable employment or proper healthcare. Due to discrimination, the Chins live in constant fear of physical abuse and eviction from their homes.

Another 20,000 Chins have fled to Malaysia. In Malaysia, however, the Chins lead a precarious existence. The Malaysian government refuses to recognize Chin asylum seekers and refugees as anything but illegal immigrants. Without legal recognition, the Chin community is unable to work, receive an education, access healthcare services, or find acceptable living accommodations. They are subject to harassment, detention, penalties, and potential deportation.


CHRO is non-governmental, not for profit organization legally registered in Canada with branch offices in New Delhi and Aizawl, India and in the United States. CHRO is working to protect and promote the rights of the Chin people inside and outside of Burma. Since February 2001, CHRO has paid regular visits to Malaysia and India to assist and coordinate advocacy activities with the Chin community and other NGOs.


CHRO and the Chin people need your support. There are many ways you can contribute to the work of CHRO and assist the Chin people.

(1) Donate to CHRO

CHRO depends on the continued support of concerned and informed individuals. All types of monetary and material donations are welcomed by CHRO. To support CHRO in this important work, please contact CHRO:

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(2) Write letters

Write your government representatives and urge them to take action to support and protect the Chin people of Burma. Ask policymakers to proactively oppose the Burma military regime. Encourage policymakers to promote the resettlement process of Chin refugees.

Write letters to government representatives in Malaysia and India and urge them to ratify and implement to 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol. Pressure them to take action to stop abuse and harassment against refugees and asylum seekers. Ask them to prevent unwarranted detentions, evictions, and deportations of Chin asylum seekers and refugees. Encourage Malaysia and India to provide Chin refugees and asylum seekers access to education, affordable and quality healthcare services, and employment protections including work permits.

(3) Get others involved

Organize a community, church, or school group dedicated to assisting the Chin people. Educate others about the plight of the Chin people. To request CHRO to give a presentation about the situation of the Chin people and provide suggestions for group activities to help the Chins, please contact CHRO.


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